Our Mission and Vision

We created Kids Kute Kreations in 2013 so that moms could find beautiful, handmade, and personalized products with superior attention to detail.

Just like every successful business, Kids Kute Kreations was born out of a need to solve a problem. 

Back 2012, we were heading out to a family vacation to Disney. The girls were asking for a purse, but the purse they wanted cost $60 EACH!

I figured, "I bet I could make one just like it but cheaper"....

A trip to Walmart, a $300 sewing machine, and two happy girls later, we figured maybe some other little girls would be interested in a purse like the ones we made for our family. So, we put a simple listing up on Etsy.

I guess you could say the rest is history.

We have grown our business by focusing heavily on our customer's needs and creating a high quality product. Just like how we began, we have continued to expand our listings by responding and creating the products our customers tell us they want most.

We have been extremely blessed to create a thriving personalized product brand and working with wonderful customers (like you) everyday!


Kim and Anthony Grimes


Size Chart + Care Instructions


All items are handmade by us, therefore may differ slightly. No two items are identical, which makes them so special! Please allow for slight variations. Due to sensitive skin and allergy issues, we do not pre-wash items.
Embroidery Items: All items are handmade and are best cleaned if hand washed. If you must use the washing machine, only wash on the delicate cycle. Best if laid flat to dry.
Hooded Towels: As with all towels that have not been previously washed, some bleeding may occur. The use of a Shout Color Catcher helps absorb the bleed. We recommend hand washing, keep the face and hair out of the tinted water, until bleeding subsides. Bleeding subsides after multiple washes. If you are not concerned with bleeding, then straight into the washer and dryer should be just fine.
As with all towels, some linting and picking may occur. Gently trim excessive fibers with scissors making sure not to cut the towel weave. We use fabrics that hold up well in the wash and resist wrinkling, however, if wrinkling occurs, iron on low heat.

Tee Shirts + Printed Items: All of our prints are made by digital direct printing using safe and non-allergenic inks, allowing for a natural feel that is so soft. Our printing method dyes the image into the fabric, in an Eco-Friendly process that won't crack or peel. Some fading may occur with multiple washes and is completely normal.

We recommend washing by turning the garment inside out, using the cool water temperature setting, and drying on low heat.


Children's Pajamas: 

Adult Pajamas: 

Girl's T Shirts: 

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Hooded Towels: